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Dave Mustaine was born in La Mesa, California, to Emily and John Mustaine. …. Jackson modified their existing Jackson King V model for Mustaine by adding 2 …

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Michael Angelo Batio has collaborated with Dean guitars to create an electric guitar that mortals can actually play.

Unlike his other signature MAB guitars the MAB only has one super fast, comfortable set MAB maple neck with an ebony fingerboard dressed with abalone block inlays.

The solid alder body is covered in a magnificent ArmorFlame Custom Etched Finish that is sure to turn heads wherever you perform. This animal is loaded with EMG active pickups and has a Floyd Rose Original tremolo bridge, nickel hardware, and Grover tuners.  Includes a hardshell guitar case.

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Many musicians associate Jackson guitars with an aggressive, in your face style of playing. Jackson guitars are favored by many thrash metal, hard rock, heavy metal, and even hair bands. For instance, Def Leppard and Megadeth both used Jackson guitars; Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine popularized Jackson’s Y2KV guitar.

Jackson may be most famous for its Rhoads design, a V-model guitar originally created by Randy Rhoads. The company was founded by Grover Jackson, who originally worked with Wayne Charvel (Charvel Guitar Repair). In the late 1970s, Charvel sold his part of their shared business to Grover Jackson and Jackson Guitars was born.Jackson guitars are famous for their striking designs. Kelly model guitars and Rhoads guitars (like the Rhoads RR3 or Rhoads RR5) are sharply angled, asymmetrical pieces. Another Jackson model known as the Dinky has a rounder design.

The Dinky design includes many different models, including the DK2 Dinky, DK2S Dinky, DK2FS Dinky Firestorm, and so on.Some of the most famous styles of Jackson guitars are the Kelly and Kelly Star. The Kelly resembles a Gibson guitar known as the Explorer, although the Kelly has a more slender, lean design. The Kelly Star is a rare guitar, since it was only manufactured briefly in the early years of this century. The rare Kelly Star combines the Rhoads’ distinct points with a front half that looks like a Kelly. Combined, the two designs look a bit like a star; hence the name Kelly Star

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Titanic tone and fantastic flexibility come from the humbucking Seymour Duncan TB4 bridge and SH1N neck pickups with 3-way selector. Resounding resonance is achieved with a thru-body, quarter-sawn maple neck and alder body. Original Floyd Rose double-locking trem in a recessed bridge cavity combines with a bound ebony 24-fret fingerboard, scooped lower bout, and reduced heel for limitless playing freedom. Scorching Jackson looks are enhanced by the carved maple top, bound headstock, black hardware, and custom green ghost flames paint job on black. 25-1/2″ scale, 1-11/16″ nut.
Jackson’s compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you’ll play better

Jackson- King V Pro Mustaine Signature

King V Pro was introduced in 1993 and was the first Jackson model to have Dave’s signature on the headstock. It was made in Japan as part of Jackson professional series. For the first production year KV Pro was offered in black and silver sparkle finishes. In 1994 the Cherry Sunburst option was added. The series was discontinued after 1995, with the introduction of the USA made KV1. The specs of the KV Pros were pretty similar to Dave’s Customs, though there were some noticable differences including a swapped bridge pickup, shorter headstock and a slighty different body shape.

The quality of the Pro series guitars is widely considered to be at a similar level to the USA series Jacksons, and recently KV Pros have sold for similar prices to KV1s on Ebay, indicating that they are equally desired by Mustaine / Jackson fans. I have scanned the KV Pro info pages from Jackson 93 (view) and 94/95 (view) catalogs.
Dave Mustaine had at least three – most likely more KV Pros. He started using two different cherry sunburst KV Pros during the Youthanasia tour and continued to play them during Cryptic Writings tour.

One was modded with a Floyd Rose bridge and the other was stock exluding the bridge pickup which most likely was replaced with a Duncan JB model. Later on the stock one got black hardware and LSR tuners. He also had a black KV Pro that was seen in backstage pics on Young Guitar magazine. Below are some pics of Dave playing the sunburst KV Pros.

Jackson Y2KV Dave Mustaine Flying


Here is a chance to get an investment piece and one of the best V’s Jackson ever put out. The Dave Mustaine signature model Y2KV. I have 7 of these and will part with this one and one that was used on risk tour by Dave and bought directly from his guitar tech with all the papers. but that will be in another auction.

this guitar is a case queen. minty 9.5/10 easy. its all original. and comes with the factory case. there is only one flaw on this guitar see if you can even see it in the picture. but. I will cut my JCF guys a little better deal. just message me. but again this is mint. frets are perfect. wasnt really played at all. any questions just ask. no returns no refunds. item will be packed well and i will ship international but message me first. it will be expensive since the case is so huge but i will cover some of it and  Free shipping and insurance if shipped within the 48 states.

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Following review text is verbal representation of numerical rating information:

This is one of those guitars that gets under your skin very quickly and will probably make you forget your previous favorites! Jackson did an extremely good job with USA SL2H-MAH Soloist. A phrase “words are not enough to describe it” suits this instrument well.

Remarkable features in Jackson’s USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is something you should be aware of when trying to find the right instrument, because this one just might be the one that is right for you. Jackson are known for making excellent instruments, but they have really outdone themselves with USA SL2H-MAH Soloist feature-wise. With little to be left to the imagination, most musicians feel that this instrument deserves highest grades.


USA SL2H-MAH Soloist looks great, and the reason for that is the extraordinary finish and top quality production process that Jackson has set up. This guitar is fit for professional guitar players. The action is great out of the box, and can be easily adjusted to whatever you prefer. This guitar is comfortable to play and it can be inspiring to play it.

USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is a guitar that is built to serve you for a long time, that will not let you down and will keep you happy. That is no coincidence, because Jackson does indeed make great looking and great sounding guitars that are durable and reliable as well. USA SL2H-MAH Soloist will perform well both on stage and in studio, so you may rest assured that USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is a good choice.

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The Jackson KV1 was the US-made successor to the King V Pro. The KV1 was in production from 1996 to 2001, making it the longest running Mustaine signature series. Specifications changed a little during the five years: Early KV1s were offered in either black pearl or natural korina finishes. Poplar was used as the body wood for solid colour guitars, and these instruments came with LSR tuners. According to the catalogues, pickups were a Duncan TB-5 and an SH-4, but I personally think they used TB-4. In 1999, alder replaced poplar as the body wood and Jackson also added two more finish options – black and transparent black. In 2000 LSR tuners were replaced by regular Jackson tuners and a Duncan TB-4 was used as the bridge pickup. I have seen both jumbo and thin frets on KV1s and the neck shapes have also varied, with the earlier examples having thinner necks.

Although the KV1 was Dave’s signature model, he didn’t seem to use them that much. However, he has been pictured with both a korina and a black KV1 and he also had at least one built with a Floyd Rose bridge.

Jackson Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine Y2KV is definitely a must have guitar! Jackson made another great fine-tuned and thought-out instrument. If you have doubts, find a way to try Dave Mustaine Y2KV and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous this instrument really is. Jackson did a remarkably well job here.

This guitar has some truly great features for the right price. Dave Mustaine Y2KV is truly a great instrument, one that Jackson should be proud of. It stands out among other guitars in its price range, and its superb features surely contribute a lot to this kind of overall opinion. Should you be considering a guitar that managed to satisfy a lot of musicians’ desires – Jackson’s Dave Mustaine Y2KV is a great choice!


Jackson’s Dave Mustaine Y2KV has built in top quality hardware. Carefully chosen materials tell that this guitar will last you long time, and will not give you any headaches then trying to set it up. It’s easy to set up action to whatever level you prefer. Overall, users gave it great marks to Dave Mustaine Y2KV, so you may rest assured that, on the technical side, this guitar will not let you down.

Have no doubts that Jackson’s Dave Mustaine Y2KV will serve you well in studio as well as on stage. Take good care of it, and Dave Mustaine Y2KV will endure traveling, temperature changes; nothing can harm its beautiful looks or functionality. Jackson is a company that makes reliable and durable instruments, and Dave Mustaine Y2KV is another one that has just those characteristics Jackson’s guitars are known to have.