Dave Mustaine

I’ve seen people are just as amazing at guitar playing on most or all levels of guitar playing(speed, musicailty, technicality, musicianship, etc. ) but I haven’t seen anyone who can surpass him on any guitar playing level and he also does vocals and doesn’t look at the frets so his job is even harder.

So to recap, he is betterat al of this stuff than anyone else because he hasn’t been surpassed as a guitar player on any level and he he does vocals. And doesn’t look at his frets. Also did I mention he can solo while singing(this day we fight, chosen ones) and he can do taping where he can do single notes AND he can do taping where he plays full chords with his left and right hands instead of strumming the chords. He does this in looking down the cross.

+32More technically skilled than Hammett, but Hammett has better composition. However with all the effort put into Megadeths guitar work, Mustaine deserves to be top 10.

How the hell did jimmy paige and prince make it ahead of mustaine, freidman and dimebag darrell. jimmy paige plays the so called best solo ever made but i learnt to play it when i was 12. that just gos to show that metal is much more advanced then crap rock. dave mustaine should also be ahead of kirk hammett because hammett stole mustaines solos and got all the credit for it. dave mustaine is also a way faster and better guitarist then hammett is.

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