Jackson dave mustaine custom

Double Rhoads(never in mass production)

The Double Rhoads was a symmetrical version of the Jackson Randy Rhoads with two longer horns, the first one was ordered from Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk. While the guitar was made, Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby saw it and wanted a similar guitar.Jackson built him two, one red and one black (he later got his white DR).Circa 10 Double Rhoads’ were built before the design was changed with smaller wings and became the King V, the first King V was silver with black bevels.

[edit] King V Custom (Custom Shop)

From start to 1990 this was the name for a King V with sharkfin inlays, neck binding and ebony fretboard. Pickup and bridge options were anything the purchaser wanted.

     Same as above, but with dot inlays, no binding, and jun fretboard.

 KV1(Artist Signature Series) (no longer in production)

The KV1 is a Dave Mustaine signature model and is the first commercially-sold model of the King V. Previously known as the King V Pro, the KV1 supersedes the King V Pro and eliminated the Cherryburst finish in favor of a natural Korina wood finish. The tuners were replaced with LSR locking tuners as well. The end-points were shortened from the prototype created for Robbin Crosby as it was created as a “Double-Rhoads” which has a longer point than this model (The “Double-Rhoads” has 2 equal length long points). All other variants below stemmed from this design. USA-made versions of this guitar are highly-coveted by metal guitarists and are typically difficult to locate for sale

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