Dave Mustaine’s Custom designed Amp video

I don’t think we can really blame the guy for having endorsements. He’s one of the best known guitar players in heavy metal from the last 25 years.
The impression that I get is that he actually uses the products that he endorses, and he uses them because he believes in their value to him personally. that doesn’t mean that he wants everyone to use the things he endorses.
If he had line6 custom build amps for him, he’s damn sure going to use them, and as far as shure wireless systems, he’s dead-on. they simply are the best out there. Rocktron is well known for having high quality gear, as is monster cable. truth be told, if any of those companies (with the excepion of line6) offered me a deal, I’d take it. I’ll bet out of the enorsements he mentioned, monster cable is his most profitable.

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