Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX Signature United Abominations

The Dean VMNTX Dave Mustaine United Abominations Electric Guitar is a tribute to the hard edge style Mustaine has emitted over the past two Decades.

It becomes obvious just by looking at this masterwork, that a lot of effort has been put forth designing the top art on this magnificent V-style guitar.
Built for image and playability, this guitar rocks whether it is in your hand or on your stand. The Mustaine neck profile enables fast riffing while the top art screams out with a flare for the dramatic.
This Dean guitar is one for both collectors and shredders, alike.
Dean VMNTX Features

  • Bolt on 24 fret maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Dual Dean design black open humbuckers
  • Black hardware
  • Mini Grover 6 in line tuners
  • Mustaine neck profile

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