Dean Double Neck Guitar

Are you finding the Dean Double Neck Guitar? There is a good news for you that you can custom-made this guitar in our shop, and our shop is cheaper than others.

Dean Double Neck Guitar has unbelievable graphics. The guitar is bad-ass. Anyone that has played the “Angel of deth” model will instantly cling to this guitar. It is the same exact thing only with a 12 string added on. I am proud to have both guitars. The action, feel, and sound that comes from the live wire pick ups are outstanding.

Overall, if you can procure one of these Dean Double Neck Guitar for no more than the mid-teens, I think it a very wise long-term investment considering there are only 75 of these made for the entire World. Dave Mustaine is unquestionably a living legend amongst the “Metal Gods” of the ’80’s & ’90’s having started with the original Metallica and being the centerpiece of Megadeth. This Dean Double Neck Guitar instrument is a fitting tribute to his greatness and impact on the metal genre. It is a veritable “work-of-art” in every way and the Diadem graphic just brings that vibe to the forefront. I rate the whole instrument a 9 on a scale of 10 and highly recommend anyone interested to GET ONE NOW before they’re sold out and then you’ll have to deal with the always overpriced “Collectors Guitar Market” to purchase one. That is, if you can find one then!

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