Dean Vmnt Double Neck Guitar

Do you want an unique guitar? The Dean Vmnt Double Neck Guitar is a good choice. If you are attracted by it or other guitars, you can contact us. Our shop is an guitar custom shop, we can custom-made it or other guitars as your require.

I just got this Dean Vmnt Double Neck Guitar shipped in today. Man this Beast is HUGE & HEFTY and might be confused with the anchor on the Queen Mary, LOL! But with a wide strap on, it balances well with an even weight distribution over your left shoulder. I’m glad I don’t gig anymore because I’d need really toned upper body muscles to have this hanging on me for a few sets! Anyway, here’s the best news of all. The entire instrument sounds amazing up & down both necks!

The Dean Vmnt Double Neck Guitar 12 string sounds like a classic Rickenbacker in the tradition of “The Byrds” from their early era. The high strings ring LOUD & LONG with rich harmonics and balances perfectly with the lower strings. The 6 string reminds me of a fat Les Paul Custom and the pick-edge harmonics just leap off the strings effortlessly. The pre-amplified sustain is superb all the way up & down both necks. I will have to have my luthier dress a few high frets near the end of the fretboards but that’s because I’m a lazy player and always set my action ridiculously low.

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