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Would you like a piece of advice? Trust from your fellow musicians who recommend this guitar by giving it the highest grades. ESP’s Michael Paget V is a great sounding instrument that handles well any kind of situation: live, studio or plain practicing. Great features and great sound will keep you satisfied, and you will feel that this axe is worth every cent you’ve invested. ESP is a well known guitar manufacturer, so it’s no surprise that ESP managed to produce another great instrument such as Michael Paget V.

Nobody argues that Michael Paget V has the most complete set of features that outshine most of the other guitar models in its price range. ESP equipped this guitar with most features any musician would like to see in a guitar, so you may rest assured that Michael Paget V is in the top of its league. With a matching price, this guitar is an excellent choice!


Michael Paget V is a professionally built guitar that is extremely easy to set up. Action is great, and easy to tweak. The finish is traditionally great, a main characteristic of nearly every ESP guitar model. This is an instrument that has both beauty and endurance.

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