Dave Mustaine ESP DV8 Guitar

Got about a grand to blow? Me neither, but if you did you could bid on Dave Mustaine’s signature ESP DV8 Guitar with  a Floyd Rose Tremolo.

One of the last few DV8 in his  arsenal  and this guitar was used on Blackmail The  Universe world tour. The bid was up to $610 last time I checked and the  reserve has not been met. Hell, you could probably bid $602 just to say, “Yeah,  I bid on that!”. Check it out at Megadeth’s Ebay Store.

You can even bid on  a bathrobe worn by Dave…and coming soon…a lock of Dave’s hair! Ok, the hair is a  lie, but you really can bid on his bathrobe.

Dave Mustaine’s Bathrobe…$5.00

Signature ESP DV8 Guitar…$610.00

Dave Mustaine’s ego…Priceless!


If you want some really stupid stuff you can bid on Poison  frontman, Bret Michaels’ bed (I would have this disinfected if you  plan to use it) and even a sewing machine signed by Metallica. I shit you now!  A guitar is cool, but it’s a trip to see some of the things auctioned off by  rock stars, or things signed by rock stars on Ebay and other places. Maybe one  day we’ll see the infamous tampon hurled into the audience by L7 up for auction one day


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