Jackson dave mustaine


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This is one of those guitars that gets under your skin very quickly and will probably make you forget your previous favorites! Jackson did an extremely good job with USA SL2H-MAH Soloist. A phrase “words are not enough to describe it” suits this instrument well.

Remarkable features in Jackson’s USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is something you should be aware of when trying to find the right instrument, because this one just might be the one that is right for you. Jackson are known for making excellent instruments, but they have really outdone themselves with USA SL2H-MAH Soloist feature-wise. With little to be left to the imagination, most musicians feel that this instrument deserves highest grades.


USA SL2H-MAH Soloist looks great, and the reason for that is the extraordinary finish and top quality production process that Jackson has set up. This guitar is fit for professional guitar players. The action is great out of the box, and can be easily adjusted to whatever you prefer. This guitar is comfortable to play and it can be inspiring to play it.

USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is a guitar that is built to serve you for a long time, that will not let you down and will keep you happy. That is no coincidence, because Jackson does indeed make great looking and great sounding guitars that are durable and reliable as well. USA SL2H-MAH Soloist will perform well both on stage and in studio, so you may rest assured that USA SL2H-MAH Soloist is a good choice.

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