Jackson Guitars mustaine

Many musicians associate Jackson guitars with an aggressive, in your face style of playing. Jackson guitars are favored by many thrash metal, hard rock, heavy metal, and even hair bands. For instance, Def Leppard and Megadeth both used Jackson guitars; Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine popularized Jackson’s Y2KV guitar.

Jackson may be most famous for its Rhoads design, a V-model guitar originally created by Randy Rhoads. The company was founded by Grover Jackson, who originally worked with Wayne Charvel (Charvel Guitar Repair). In the late 1970s, Charvel sold his part of their shared business to Grover Jackson and Jackson Guitars was born.Jackson guitars are famous for their striking designs. Kelly model guitars and Rhoads guitars (like the Rhoads RR3 or Rhoads RR5) are sharply angled, asymmetrical pieces. Another Jackson model known as the Dinky has a rounder design.

The Dinky design includes many different models, including the DK2 Dinky, DK2S Dinky, DK2FS Dinky Firestorm, and so on.Some of the most famous styles of Jackson guitars are the Kelly and Kelly Star. The Kelly resembles a Gibson guitar known as the Explorer, although the Kelly has a more slender, lean design. The Kelly Star is a rare guitar, since it was only manufactured briefly in the early years of this century. The rare Kelly Star combines the Rhoads’ distinct points with a front half that looks like a Kelly. Combined, the two designs look a bit like a star; hence the name Kelly Star

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