Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s inclusion as DLC in Rock Band (not to mention past appearances in Guitar Hero games) apparently won’t stifle the group from putting together something “over-the-moon” with Neversoft and Activision for the future.

In a “Scorpion” feature (read: “Ask the Band”) on the band’s website, a couple of fans posed the “What about a Guitar Hero game?” question, to which the lead singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine replied: “I have recently had two very important high-level meetings with the people from Activision and Neversoft, and we are talking about a lot of things.”

He only clarifies a teensy bit, saying a Guitar Hero: Megadeth game “is not attractive” to him and that the Guitar Hero developers have instead offered up a “new idea.” Mustaine also laments past legal run-ins, and hopes that no one “stand[s] in the way of this happening.

” We’ve contacted Megadeth as well as Activision for more information on the subject, and will be rocking as hard as possible while we wait for a reply. Oh, and yes, we suppose we’ll tell you if we hear more.

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