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The Gibson SG Standard electric guitar has a slim, lightweight mahogany body with the unmistakable twin cutaways, pointed horns, and beveled edges; the fastest neck in the business;and a pair of Gibson’s screamin’ BurstBucker pickups with coil-splitting for single-coil tones. This beauty also features trapezoid inlays along its elegantly bound 22-fret rosewood fingerboard while a fine mother-of-pearl Gibson logo and holly inlay decorate the guitar’s headstock.

Solid Mahogany Body Probably the most central of all Gibson SG features is its solid mahogany body. The mahogany goes through the same rigorous selection process as all of Gibson’s woods, and is personally inspected and qualified by Gibson’s team of skilled wood experts before it enters the factories. Inside the Gibson factories, humidity is maintained at 45 percent, and the temperature at 70 degrees.

This ensures all woods are dried to a level of equilibrium, where the moisture content does not change during the manufacturing process. This guarantees tight-fitting joints and no expansion, and controls the shrinkage and warping of the woods, in addition to reducing the weight. It also improves the woods’ machinability and finishing properties. Consistent moisture content means that the Gibson SG will respond evenly to temperature and humidity changes long after it leaves the factory.


Set-Neck Construction Like all classic Gibson guitars, the necks on SGs are distinguished by one of the more traditional features that have always set them apart — a glued neck joint. Gluing the neck to the body of the guitar ensures a “wood-to-wood” contact, no air space in the neck cavity, and maximum contact between the neck and body, allowing the neck and body to function as a single unit. The result? Better tone, better sustain, and no loose or misaligned necks. The ’61 thin flat “speed neck” profile gives you effortless playing speed and comfort.

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