Dave Mustaine Guitar Style

GHS has been manufacturing high-quality guitar strings since 1964. Professional musicians and amateur hobbyists who want great sound from their strings turn to GHS for a wide variety of tones. Whatever your tastes, from bright crunching rock to a mellow, bluesy sound, there’s a set of GHS string that’s right for you. The goal at GHS is to provide players around the world with strings that consistently exceed expectations. Each set set of these incredible strings is backed by decades of experience and GHS’ unwavering commitment to quality.

Legendary Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine has tried these and is a convert, so he let GHS use his name! Try this Signature Progressive Set for yourself today. The magnetically active Alloy 52, combined with a well-studied core-to-cover ratio provides a uniquely brilliant tone. This filament grade alloy wrap (oddly enough, an invention of the auto industry) will provide sustain, power and volume for any musical style

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