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Dave Mustaine Custom Guitar

We  are a professional  custom shop, and we can make a perfect guitar. If you want to custom-made the Dave Mustaine Custom Guitar or other guitars. Contact us to order then now!!!

The Dave Mustaine Custom Guitar has incredible graphics. The guitar is bad-ass. Anyone who has played the model “Angel of deth” will instantly cling to this guitar. This is exactly the same as with a chain only 12 added. I am proud to have two guitars. The action, feel, and sound that comes from the live wire pick ups are outstanding.

Today, Dave Mustaine uses his signature designs by Dave Mustaine Custom Guitar. American models were briefly available in limited series after the release, although the Korean and Chinese models are in continuous production. Mustaine used in the US and Korean models on stage.

The Dean Zero debuted in 2010 with Dave Mustaine Custom Guitar was a unique new form for Dave, like the Gibson Explorer with sharper points. Dave made some appearances to date with this guitar, playing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performances during the Australian tour with Slayer. He also used the guitar in the later dates of Endgame 2009 tour and continues to use to this day. He says he still uses mainly its VMNT is so he can cling to the lower horn with her legs for some songs.