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Dave Mustaine Guitar

The Dean Dave Mustaine V combines killer styling and punishing tone!

Featuring a mahogany top and body for incredible sustain and pure growling tone with distortion or a glassy sparkling clean sound.

Exclusive Dave Mustaine Spec Mahogany D-Shaped Neck with Ebony fingerboard. Pearl Shark Tooth Inlays, Grover Tuners, Black Hardware, Tone Pros Bridge and Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups round out this metal machine

Dave Mustaine Guitar

Dean Guitars is proud to intruduce the Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT series of solid body electric guitars. Well known in the metal world Dave Mustaine has been the driving force behind Mega Deth for 25 years. The VMNT series offers Daves special D shaped neck profile just like his guitars.

A full 2 octave 24 fret neck is setup at factory for fast low action and easy access to upper frets. These guitars come with string through body design for ultimate sustain and playability.

VMNT Angel of Deth ~Mahogany Body ~25-1/2″ scale ~Dave Mustaine special Mahogany D shaped bound neck ~Ebony Fingerboard ~Pearl Sharks Tooth inlays ~Set Neck ~Grover Tuners ~Black Hardware ~Tune O Matic bridge ~Dave Mustaine Live Wire Seymor Duncan pickups ~Angel of Deth custom graphic ~Case included

Dave Mustaine Guitar

The Dean VMNTX Dave Mustaine Electric Guitar is a tribute to the hard edge style Mustaine has emitted over the past two Decades.

It becomes obvious just by looking at this masterwork, that alot of effort has been put forth designing the top art on this magnificent V-style guitar.

Built for image and playability, this guitar rocks whether it is in your hand or on your stand. The Mustaine neck profile enables fast riffing while the top art screams out with a flare for the dramatic. This Dean guitar is one for both collectors and shredders, alike.

Dave Mustaine Guitar Prodigy

The Dean Dave Mustaine V VMNT AOD Angel of Death Signature electric guitar. Though that might say it all, you should also know that this beast comes loaded with screaming Dave Mustaine Live Wire USA custom active humbuckers, and Dunlop flush mount straplocks, along with a custom graphic approved by Dave himself.

With its beveled edges, this V really looks like it can fly. Mustaine remarks that this guitar’s neck is even better than what he has played before, and that the Ebony Fretboard, set neck and unique deluxe inlays, which are like a dot/sharktooth combo, are remarkable.

Designed for one of the most prolific musicians in heavy metal history!

Throughout Megadeth’s Long history the music has always been demanding and extremely precise, the Dean Dave Mustaine V VMNT1 Signature guitar has the fluid feel and stable tuning required for high-performance metal.

Pick Up This Guitar And….Wake Up The Dead!


• 25.5 scale length with 24 frets

• Set Neck

• Ebony Fretboard

• Dave Mustaine Live Wire USA custom active humbuckers

• Strings Thru-Body & Tune-O-Matic Style Bridge

• Dunlop flush mount straplocks

• Includes hardshell case

• Angel of Death Graphic Finish

• Black Hardware

Dave mustaine guitar playing

I know I’ve realized way beyond my dreams,” says Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. “I’ve actually been a professional musician since 1994. That’s a long time in which I’ve been lucky enough to keep a gig and be successful at what I do, which is also my passion: playing drums. So I’m very, very blessed to live this crazy, unimaginable life.”

Although he’s the idol of millions for his drumming prowess, Hawkins’ first rock ‘n’ roll dreams didn’t focus on the drums; rather, they were centered on the guitar because, as he puts it, “Nobody looks at the drummer.”

As a 10-year-old in Laguna, California, he tried in vain to play his neighbor’s six string, but the instrument didn’t feel right; it required “too much work.” Hawkins’ boyhood visions of rock glory might’ve ended right there. Luckily, however, that same neighbor had a drum set, and from the moment Taylor sat down at the kit, everything clicked; with two sticks in his hands, he was a natural.

“Life started when I began playing the drums,” Hawkins explains. “Drums became my coat of armor, my identity. I just automatically fell in love with them and they became everything in my life. I’d look at drum magazines and pictures of drum sets the same way other kids looked at car mags and stuff like that.”

Scraping together $150, Taylor bought his first drums from another neighbor. “I’m not sure what brand they were,” he says, “but the snare was a Gretsch, which is what I play now.”

Completely self-taught, Hawkins favored a French grip over a traditional or German style, and he progressed quickly as a hard-hitting player, moving from school talent shows (he still remembers fellow students cheering his drum solos) to gigging with local cover bands. Queen, David Bowie, Sweet and other ’70s-era British acts were huge influences, but Taylor didn’t just absorb the drumming on those acts’ records, he also developed a deep understanding of the song craft and vocal harmonies that made them work. “Writing good songs is something I’ve always aspired to do,” he says. “It’s difficult for some and easy for others. It’s a process.”

Dave mustaine guitar price

Metallica closed out the second night of their Orion Music + More festival with a performance of their self-titled 1991 album, better known to most as the “Black Album.” You can now watch footage of the band performing “My Friend of Misery” from the festival below.

Following the success of their first-ever music festival (full recap), Metallica will be heading to both Canada and Mexico later this summer for more shows, before settling down to work on the follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic (buy on iTunes).

“In the fall, we plan on concentrating a little more on writing songs and doing nothing else but just thinking about the new album,” Kirk Hammett told us last month. “That should be interesting.”

And for our full interview with Kirk about Orion, his new book and the new Metallica album, head here.

Dave mustaine guitar rust in peace

The Fender American Stratocaster Electric Guitar is a Fender icon. Juicy upgrades include a richer, deeper neck tint for a more elegant and expensive appearance; glossed neck front for improved looks with satin back for smooth playability; and bent steel Fender saddles with classic look and great tone. String spacing is narrowed for modern playability, saddle height screws are resized to reduce rough feel, and string slot on saddle is elongated to reduce string friction or breakage. The Copper Infused Cast Strat® Bridge Block (steel with copper—100% metal) provides increased mass and improved tone. This Strat features the original headstock shape but has staggered machine heads losing one string tree and improving string angle over the nut. Custom staggered pickup magnets improve string-to-string balance and give the G-string better tone. Cosmetics include parchment/black/parchment pickguard and parchment pickup covers, knobs, and tips.
The return of the American Standard Series Strat continues Fender’s tradition of commitment to the people who play Fender instruments out there in the real world. Today’s American Standard Stratocaster guitars are worthy heirs of their revered ancestors—mindful of player needs and taking full advantage of modern advances, yet remaining completely true to the elements and spirit that made these instruments popular in the first place. Improvements include redesigned bridges, neck and body finishes, and a Fender-exclusive high-tech molded case. Still on board for the American Standard Strat are the beloved hand-rolled fingerboard edges, Alnico V pickups, the Delta system that includes a high-output bridge pickup and a special no-load tone control, providing more gain, more high end, and a little more “raw” tone, and staggered tuning machines for tone and stability guaranteed to last a lifetime (with its limited lifetime warranty)!

Dave mustaine guitar endorsement

The Michael Angelo Batio MAB3 Electric Guitar is an affordable signature model with all the essential features that this amazing signature artist demands.

Features a lightweight Batio designed double-cutaway alder body with fast bolt-on maple neck, a 24-fret rosewood fretboard that is decorated with pearl block inlays, and Dean DMT pickups offer a variety of aggressive tones that let your inner child scream to its hearts content.

A Floyd Rose Special tremolo bridge gives you the freedom to express yourself in ways you’ve only dreamed about. A locking nut and Grover in-line tuners will bring you back to perfect pitch every time.

Alder Top / Body
– 25 1/2-inch Scale
– Batio Spec. Bolt-On Maple Neck
– Rosewood Fingerboard
– Pearl Block Inlays
– Grover Tuners
– Black Hardware
– Floyd Rose Special Trem. Bridge
– Dean DMT Design Pickups