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Steve Vai is one of the revered few on that short list of players who have changed the way we all think about what a guitar can really do. Like the guitarist, the JEM-EVO Steve Vai Relic Signed Electric Guitar is iconic, sublime, awe-Inspiring and outrageous. In addition to its top-notch componants, it has unique features designed to break boundaries.

These include a Back Stop that supports great tuning stability, the Edge bridge and Lion’s Claw cavity for stable tuning and rad trem effects, an Imitated joint crack, an iconic symbol mark of “EVO” and a special headstock pick holder made from file binder. The JEM-EVO features DiMarzio® Evolution® pickups. This pickup combination features wide sound varieties for modern music.
These guitars are all signed and then Steve wrote “1 of 100” on each one. It is a relic, but more importantly, a near perfect reproduction of Steve’s famous original JEM7VWH, which has been referred to as the EVO for decades. It is still his main stage guitar. Truly an iconic piece. It comes with a flight case, a certificate of authenticity and a reissue (specially for these 100 guitars) of the famous silver DiMarzio guitar strap Steve still uses.

Edge Tremolo The acclaimed Edge tremolo features knife-edge-like pivot surfaces for virtually friction free operation. Locking studs contribute to tuning stability. The low-profile design of the Edge tremolo includes fine tuners conveniently angled back to prevent right hand touches. The Edge bridge features a stud lock in both studs for maximum tuning stability.

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